Floor plans, Elevations, Cross-sections

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Get all the 2D Building plans from the 3D model in a few clicks: Floor plans, Elevation, Cross-section…

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Floor plans and Building plans

Our Architectural software will produce for you all the 2D drawings from the 3D model and keep them updated.

The 2D drawings can be edited with our CAD tools and 2D block libraries

2D DWG drawings you can edit separately

For each 2D drawing you will create from the 3D Architectural project, IDEA Architecture will create a DWG file you will find in the Project tree-view on the left of the screen.

You will be able to edit separately these files to delete or add whatever you want (title block, dimensions,  trees, people…).

Dynamic automatic update of your 2D drawings

Floor plan with dimensions

Any modification performed on the 3D project will dynamically update all the 2D drawings yet keeping all the modifications you made on them.

Floor plans

As soon as you set up a new project and define the number of levels, our Architectural software will generate for you one floor plan for each of them.

While drawing you will switch from one level to another and work separately on each of them either in 2D or 3D view. Of course you may copy the elements of one level to others.

Side view elevation


A very simple tool will help you to create cross-sections. All you need to do is to draw a section line and decide which side you want to display.


As for all the other building plans our Architectural software will help you to create front and side views but also any axonometric view of the project.

Perspective view with a quick OpenGL rendering

Of course these plans will be listed in the project tree and dynamically updated from the 3D project.

Perspective views

IDEA Architecture will help you create perspective views to show the building under very realistic point of views. You may like to use there our photo-realistic rendering tools to produce some stunning images of your Architectural project.


More about our 3D BIM Architectural Software:


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      Looks like this Architectural software is very well thought. Thanks for sharing.

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