IDEA Architecture 10.3 – New features

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3D BIM Architectural software in DWG

IDEA Architecture is a 2D & 3D Architectural package offering an unrivaled compatibility with AutoCAD. Powered by a sophisticated yet very easy to use BIM technology, IDEA Architecture is also reknown for its CAD features, speed and easy transition for AutoCAD or IntelliCAD users.

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4M confirms this reputation with its new release IDEA Architecture 10.3:

DWG 2010-2011

IDEA Architecture opens the latest DWG 2010 file format (without any import) and saves directly in DWG 2007: an unrivaled compatibility with any version of AutoCAD including the latest AutoCAD 2010 and 2011 versions.

Gradient hatches

New hatching user interface, closer to AutoCAD’s one and including new features such as gradient hatches.

Extended features for walls

While modifying the height of a level, the walls on it will automatically be adjusted accordingly.

You may now choose not to connect internal and external walls in 2d view. You can also decide a different type of hatch or insulation seperatly for each wall.

Quick select in the Properties panel

The new Property panel is closer than ever to AutoCAD’s one with the new quick select feature.

Layouts and plot like AutoCAD

Enhanced printing interface with new features and an AutoCAD users firendly environment. Besides size of paper is now visible on layouts.

ETRACK: Object snap tracking

In addition to the classical snap and polar tracking features you may now use object snap tracking to find logical points without drawing construction lines. This new object snap tracking feature is similar to OTrack in AutoCAD.

Other new features include

  • Possibility to set OpenGL real-time rendering as by default rendering mode.
  • External references and blocks can now be used as limits for trim and extend commands.
  • New icons.

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